Repairing Nourishing Mask


Treat your skin to a dose of supercharged ingredients in the form of a mask once or twice a week.


Don’t worry, this is coming back soon!

In the meantime, we have either the Nurturing Night Balm or the Deep Cleansing Mask.
For the Nurturing Night Balm, you would apply a thick layer to your skin, allow it to sink in and then leave it overnight for optimum nourishment. The Deep Cleansing Mask is the perfect mask for post summer and pre-party season to really cleanse the skin and the pores and leave the skin looking and feeling radiant. (See ‘Related Products’ below).

A rich creamy mask which is fully absorbed by the skin. Nourishing and repairing thanks to Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, whilst Brown Seaweed Osmolyte and Red Seaweed Extract restore natural levels of hydration and nutrition to dry and very dry skins. Your skin will be supple, nourished, comfortable and protected.

Size: 75ml

Additional information

Usage: 1/2 times weekly | AM/PM - Both

Apply a generous layer to the face and neck avoiding the eye area on clean dry skin. Leave for 15 minutes.

Remove with a damp Katherine Daniels Cloth and tone or press in excess product and blot with a tissue.


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