Sensitive Skin Cream


Defend your skin from the environment and climate whilst dosing it with vital active ingredients to deliver ultimate efficiency. All of our Skin Defence products come in a regular texture, which makes a great make-up base for daytime use. They are also available in a rich version for drier skins or for use as a night cream. Either can be used day and night.


A gel cream to deliver a soothing sensation to the skin’s surface whilst the key ingredients are delivered into the deeper layers to heal, restore and strengthen the skin’s functions. With the added benefits of nourishing Phytosqualane, anti-ageing properties are delivered for a soft, supple, more youthful appearance.

Efficiency Test Results:
Soothing feeling: 90%.**
Feeling of comfort: 80%.**
Feeling of hydration: 90%.**
Softer skin : 95%.***

Size: 50ml

Additional information

Usage: Daily | AM/PM - Both

On perfectly cleansed skin, apply to your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.


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